About Us

We exist to help ensure that the people of the BVI receive validated relief, resources and information

necessary to recover from Hurricane Irma.

We are a group of concerned BVIslanders living abroad who want to make sure that our beloved home country recovers from the recent tragedy of hurricane Irma. We all grew up and went to school in the British Virgin Islands and have loved ones who are currently living in the aftermath Irma in the BVI. This is why it is so critical for us to ensure that the funds and supplies donated to any relief effort go directly to the people of the British Virgin Islands. We have personally vetted the sites listed on our donation page, and feel comfortable that the money and supplies donated will go directly to the BVI, which is why we encourage you to support the sites listed. As we vet additional organizations and well-wishing donation partners we will add them to our donation page.

We also have direct contact with BVI Government officials, the BVI Department of Disaster Management and other sources on the ground to bring you the most accurate information on recovery operations in the BVI.

Thank you so much for helping the BVI recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma!




Safrika O'Neal (Road Town, Tortola - Currently residing in New York, NY)
Angela Hodge-Perkins (Road Town, Tortola - Currently residing in Raleigh, NC)
Adrian Persaud (McNamara, Tortola - Currently residing in Atlanta, GA)
Lesley Prince, MD (Joe's Hill, Tortola - Currently residing in Simi Valley, CA)
Dalan Vanterpool, MBA, MDiv (McNamara, Tortola - Currently residing in Panama City, Panama)
Jason Vanterpool (McNamara, Tortola - Currently residing in Miami, FL)
Stephanie Vanterpool, MD, MBA (McNamara, Tortola - Currently residing in Knoxville, TN)
Stephen Vanterpool (McNamara Tortola - Currently residing in Woodinville, WA)
Benito Wheatley, Director, BVI London Office (McNamara, Tortola - Currently residing in London, UK)